30 Day Character Building Challenge

Day Twenty-Seven

Evolution is key.

Recently, I got reminded of that Tom Hanks’ movie “Big.” I thought the timing was perfect, because it’s a great example of what I wanna talk about today.

In the movie, the character Josh desires to rush into adulthood, as he is embarrassed by his childish shortcomings. When the wish is granted, he’s suddenly an adult that has to fend for himself.

It’s a simple enough set up, and interesting conflict.

Through the beginning, he’s still very much himself – just in an adult body. He enjoys the simple things adulthood offers, like being able to buy whatever you want, see any movie, and basically enjoy all around freedom. Who didn’t want a giant trampoline in their living room as a kid?

But as time goes on, he takes on more adult responsibility, and begins to mature as a person. He realizes this isn’t sustainable, because he is a child – and that’s a huge turning point for him.

As sad as he is to leave his adult life behind, he returns to childhood – and we understand he’ll be okay through it, because of the journey he went through.

He evolves as a character, finding where his priorities lie, and maturing enough to understand that being an adult means… being an adult.

Look at the arc you’ve built for your character, and make sure that their ending is satisfying. Does it make sense with all that they’ve gone through? How much is too much for them to face?

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